The law firm Gustavo Tepedino Advogados was founded to offer legal services of high technical quality, especially in matters related to civil law and business law, both domestically and abroad.

Its team is formed by teachers and lawyers that combine research activities and long experience in legal practice, having taken active part in arbitral, administrative, and legal proceedings, as well as having given extensive legal counsel in private law, including drafting and negotiating contracts. Professor Gustavo Tepedino also sits as an arbitrator in national and international arbitration proceedings, produces legal opinions, and has broad experience in acting as an expert witness before judges and arbitrators in Brazil and other countries.

With its roots in the academy and its dynamic orientation, Gustavo Tepedino Advogados undertakes, either on its own or in partnership with other law firms, to elaborate, develop, and coordinate substantive and procedural law strategies to assure the protection and furtherance of their clients’ interests, offering personalized and custom-made solutions.

The law firm caters to clients of many kinds and is active in several strategic sectors, such as banking, insurance, reinsurance, energy, mining, oil, gas, infrastructure, logistics, transportation, mobile and land communications, construction, real estate, pharmaceutical, food and beverage sector.