Areas of Law

Civil Law

The law firm has a consistent national and international presence in private law, representing clients in judicial and arbitral proceedings, producing legal opinions, and giving legal counsel and assistance in the following areas: prescription (statutes of limitations); obligations and contract law, including negotiating and drafting all kinds of contracts, typical and atypical, as well as analyzing and formulating possible interpretations of numerous legal transactions; associations, foundations, and trusts; corporate law; securities; judicial recovery and bankruptcy; tort law according to the Brazilian Civil Code, the Consumer Defense Code, and other specialized statutes; consumer relations; property rights; real estate, especially in cases of joint property, shopping centers, and real estate incorporation; personality rights and protection of the person; family law; and successions and probate law.

Business Law

The law firm gives legal counsel and takes part in corporate negotiations, legal suits, and arbitral proceedings. Gustavo Tepedino Advogados excels in drafting and reviewing shareholders’ agreements, certificates of incorporation, articles of association, and other corporate documents. It also acts in loan recovery, bankruptcy and judicial recovery situations and in the resolution of disputes stemming from corporate mergers and acquisitions, especially in the energy, telecommunications, and financial sectors. Competition rights, intellectual property protection, joint ventures, and consortia are other common areas of activity.

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The law firm represents its clients in national and international arbitration proceedings, as well as in proceedings of mediation and conciliation both in the civil and in the corporate domains. Gustavo Tepedino Advogados assists in planning and executing substantive and procedural strategies, drafts and reviews arbitration clauses, and provides legal counsel to arbitral courts by means of expert opinions and expert witness testimonies.

Partner Gustavo Tepedino also acts as sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator, and chairman of arbitral tribunals in several Arbitration Chambers, such as the International Chamber of Commerce-ICC; Câmara de Comércio Brasil-Canadá – CCBC (Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce); Centro Brasileiro de Mediação e Arbitragem – CBMA (Brazilian Mediation and Arbitration Center); Câmara FGV de Conciliação e Arbitragem (FGV Arbitration and Conciliation Chamber); Câmara de Conciliação, Mediação e Arbitragem de São Paulo – CIESP/FIESP (São Paulo Arbitration, Conciliation, and Mediation Chamber); Câmara Americana de Comércio Brasil-Estados Unidos – AMCHAM (American Brazil-US Chamber of Commerce); Câmara de Arbitragem do Mercado – CAM (Market Arbitration Chamber – BM&F Bovespa); and the American Arbitration Association – AAA, as well as in ad hoc arbitrations.


Legal opinions

The partner and Professor Gustavo Tepedino provides opinions in connection with negotiations, litigations and arbitration, both domestic and international, having significant experience as an expert witness in cases before foreign Courts.

Legal Counseling

Gustavo Tepedino Law Firm has extensive knowledge in legal counseling and it is designed to focus on the specific needs of each client. Our Firm gives legal advices regarding the preparation, revision, and negotiation of contracts, agreements, by-laws, and corporate transactions in general. We also advise on preliminary negotiations in order to prevent litigation or to reduce the range of divergence. Still operates in partnership with other law firms in disputes already in place in order to assist them in developing the procedural and material strategy.


Gustavo Tepedino Law Firm acts in many types of proceedings such as litigation, arbitration, and administrative proceedings in causes related to public and private law, specially but not limited to contracts, liability, real estate, family, inheritance, corporate and business. The Law Firm also represents clients in civil actions, class actions and other procedures related to the state or federal prosecutor´s office.